Acronym: AISTOR

Project leader: Batron Energy Inc.

Project Partners:

  • BEIA Consult International


AISTOR will develop an innovative artificial intelligence controlled lithium-ion based smart storage system of size 2-4 KW for residential units, public and private buildings and offices for electricity cuts, especially for disaster (earthquakes, floods and fire risks) management and recovery purposes. AISTOR is an artificial intelligence energy storage and management system that provides the needed energy and management in emergency situations such as a power outage, earthquake, flood and fire in houses, offices and hospitals.

Compared to existing products (e.g., Tesla Powerwall), AISTOR will be much cheaper, will have a modular design energy efficiency and remote control via embedded AI based decision- making capabilities. AISTOR will be piloted in two disaster risky areas: a public/residential buildings in Istanbul and in BEIA building in Bucharest, Romania for renewable energy integrated innovative smart storage system where an 30 kWp roof-top solar panel is already installed.

AISTOR will provide solutions to energy needs and management under all conditions, taking into account the power cuts and emergency scenarios experienced in normal conditions and emergencies. AISTOR’s goal is to provide an intelligent solution that recognizes emergency situations using machine learning techniques and decide by providing efficient energy accordingly. AISTOR also aims to reduce the cost of energy usage by storing energy either through renewable energy technologies or when the energy is cheaper according to the local legislations (e.g. during night time in Turkey) and consume when it is more expensive (day time). It also aims to reduce the cost of storage with its local design and production, and BATRON owned battery management hardware and software. AISTOR also aims to have real-time information about the efficiency and current status of the system (charge level, usage parameters and malfunction, etc.) to have better management and performance and protection by detecting and regulating energy fluctuations. One of the main objectives is to replace generators.