BEIA Consult participates in SGEM 2020

BEIA Consult participates in SGEM 2020 on 16-25 August 2020.

International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConferences SGEM are one of the most prominent and prestigious events in the field of Earth & Planetary Sciences. For 19 years, it united scientists, researchers, theorists and practitioners from all around the globe to share, exchange and advance new discoveries, approaches and innovative technologies in their specific areas. One of the main goals of SGEM GeoConferences is to involve various educational, business, non-profit and political institutions in a large-scale conversation in order to initiate a new way of worldwide scientific co-operation and facilitate effectiveness against the raising ecological and social problems. For the realization of this ideal, geo-scientists need to extend their co-operation beyond the boundaries of traditional GeoSciences.

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