EUROSTARS Proposal title: Development of an Intelligent decision support System for smArt VITiculture Proposal acronym: DISAVIT Partners: Beia (project coordinator), SOLTEL, Seacon Europe. Duration in months: 36
Abstract : DISAVIT proposes a novel product for better environmental sustainability addressing a new market featured by emerging technologies. DISAVIT will deliver a LOW COST, EASY TO USE, FAST REACTIVE innovative IoT end-to-end solution for Smart Viticulture covering all phenological stages and most relevant strategical and operational applications for vineyards: plant health, pesticide detection, resources efficiency, grape quality, and maturation and global production. DISAVIT addresses the need of getting a more climate change adapted and resilient farming, promoting the incorporation of better management tools based on objective data-driven decisions at the same time that exploits the opportunities generated by the market of digital services for smart agriculture management stakeholders. The solution aims to improve the decision making, performance and costs of viticulture infrastructures, and enhance interoperability and real-time data accuracy. The goal of the project is the implementation of a decision support system for in-site specific vineyard management based on a cloud IoT end-to-end viticulture solution that will integrate various traditional and novel sensors (weather stations, Very High Resolution satellite (VHR) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), portable biosensors) as well as an advanced analytical engine, including cutting edge approach to artificial intelligence techniques and blockchain technologies, for the processing, modelling and securing of the collected data and their conversion in useful knowledge through the specific intelligent applications. Corresponding web and mobile interfaces for the visualization of results and recommendations by viticulturist will be also generated keeping in mind an easy understanding and usability. Grape growers and wine producer’s needs, requirements and interests will be put at the centre of the development and co-creation approaches will be used for achieving it.

 Main Objective:

The objectives are: O.1. Implementation and integration of a multisensor platform including:
  • Weather platform;
  • Novel biosensors to determine the health status of the grapes and the presence of pesticides;
  • VHR Satellite and UAV imagery for large scale mapping and real-time predictions of vine and grape quality with remote sensing biophysical index and comparative algorithms.
  • Soil sensors to track humidity, conductivity and other parameters.
O.2. Development of intelligent modules and software components to establish potential correlations between collected data and other data sets available online O.3 Development and validation of the IoT platform as an intelligent decision support system by transferring knowledge and recommendations to farmers. O.4 Development of Blockchain for traceability of vine products. O.5 Final demonstration in real viticulture DISAVIT Architecture Platform here.
Project code: EUROSTARS-2019-E!113655-DISAVIT Contract number: 174/2020 The total value of the budget: 2.043.960,00 Lei The total value of the contract:  3.003.900,00 Lei The total value of the co-founding:  959.940,00Lei The start date of the contract: 01/06/2020 The end date of the contract: 31.05.2023 Contract duration –  36 months Project TOTAL  duration –  until 21.05.2026 Coordinator: BEIA CONSULT INTERNATIONAL Project manager (coordinator): Dr. Eng. George Suciu (george@beia.ro, 16 Peroni St., Bucharest, Romania, Tel: +40374104901, Fax: +40213323006) Project Director (SOLTEL): Julio Perez Lopez , Administrator (carmen.fernandez@soltel.es, Seville, Leonardo da Vinci street, no. 13, 4th floor ,zip code 41092) Project Director (Seacon): Mr. Gábor Berkovich Managing Director (viniczay@seacon.hu, Székesfehérvár, Móricz Zs. u. 14. 8000) Project financed by UEFISCDI through the European and International Cooperation Program

Papers and publications

  • Development of an intelligent decision support System for Smart Viticulture, C.M. Balaceanu, G. Suciu, C.S. Bosoc, O. Orza, C. Fernandez, Z. Viniczay. Conferinta la care a fost acceptatva fi pe 20 – 21 Ianuarie 2021 in Amsterdam, Olanda. International Conference on Intelligent Agriculture and Artificial Intelligence
  • Climate change- the ground for improving the cultivated assortment of grapevine varieties with new autochthonous disease tolerant grapevine varieties , Conference: The 8th World Sustainability Forum, ection: VIRTUAL – Food Security and Agriculture, Veronica Sanda Chedea, Cristina Mihaela Balaceanu2, Liliana Lucia Tomoiaga, Ionel Zatreanu2 and Maria Lucia Iliescu, Aknowlegment: DISAVIT

Dissemination activities

  • Debate on air quality monitoring networks in Romania
  • CCW Event 2020
  • Civic Labs – Environment // Preparation and response in case of earthquake at workplace