Development of a multimaterial and multidefect detection and anomaly prediction system based on machine vision, artificial intelligence and IoT (ERA-Net MANUNET)

MULTIAI will address one of the more ambitious challenges in the industry 4.0: the zero defect manufacturing, by applying cuttingedge information and communication technologies in the development of a multimaterial
and multidefect detection and anomaly prediction system. Main innovation regarding current stateoftheart is that the system to be developed within this project will allow the realtime, simultaneous analysis of multiple
types of defects in different materials, without the need to have different inspection stations for each type of defect. This system will be scalable and customizable for the quality control of any part manufactured in a production line. The application of artificial intelligence will allow establishing a correlation between the variables of the production process and the anomalies that the manufactured parts could present. The use of
IoT technologies for monitoring and realtime sensoring will be essential to guarantee obtaining adequate datasets in terms of size, quality and labeling which allow feeding both the defect detection and the anomaly prediction modules, and thus result in a robust and reliable system.
Duration of the contract: 24 months