T4ME2 provides supportive, autonomy promoting, smart toilet solutions for living-well. It addresses ageing people and persons of all ages with impairments/disabilities (as well as their (in)formal caregivers) and their needs when using a toilet outside home in public or semi-public environments (e.g. in community centres, town halls, shopping malls, museums, theatres, hotels, leisure and sports areas etc.).

Current assistive sanitary components for the private home area do not meet the usability requirements of public high frequency multi-user environments, are not seamlessly integrated and lack required robustness and design.

Availability of suitable toilets outside home will empower and support more persons to go outdoors and to actively participate in the society without need for personal support on the toilet. Additionally it will bring up new market areas with important customers, e.g. for hotels offering state-of-the-art accessible and adaptable hotel rooms as USP in accessible tourism. T4ME2 is also contributing to Smart City initiatives and age-friendly environments implementation.

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