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Task Automation based on Visible Light Positioning and blockchain
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Carlos A. Iglesias

By using already-implemented large-scale standard lighting infrastructures, Li-Fi technology, combined with various hardware locating devices such as eBeacons, allows for the development of low-power automation platforms for different indoor spaces that have stringent requirements on energy consumption.
The work in the proposed TTX targets the design and implementation of a task automation and access management system that uses blockchain and Visible Light Positioning system based on Li-Fi indoor technology . This system will have the ability to detect the approximate positioning of different objects/people using the LED lighting infrastructure already available and automate tasks based on this input. To achieve the proposed goal, the development of the VLP task automation testbed and access management system will be based on an already existing hybrid VLC communication system, designed by partner BEIA, and will integrate the task automation platform of partner UPM into a new prototype. A pre-sales demo scenario will be developed for the automatization of smart office and contribute to healthy workplaces, which is an emerging business market. The VLP transmitter designed by BEIA Consult International Romania transmits data packets received from 5 different sensors, namely: a LM35 temperature sensor, a professional light sensor TSL235R, a PIR motion sensor HC-SR501, an optical dust sensor GP2Y1014AU0F, a noise detection module and other components are provided by the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid.