Smart WAter Management system for better environmental sustainability

SWAM is a novel product for better environmental sustainability addressing a new water market integrating emerging technologies.

SWAM will offer an innovative end-to-end solution from Smart Probe to Smart Visualization and by considering ground-breaking aspects: multi-protocol for IoT connectivity, cybersecurity and traceability by design to provide a valuable tool for water management encompassing quality monitoring, safe and security aspects, decision support and cost-efficiency management.

SWAM wants to support Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the implementation of EU initiatives (IEP Water) by providing a robust, smart, effective and tailored water management system. SWAM addresses the need to develop the market of digital services for water management stakeholders with those expected impacts: improve the decision making and performance of water infrastructures, enhance interoperability and real-time data accuracy, and reduce costs for water utilities and monitoring.

The SWAM route to market is driven by a product sales model and a value-based pricing strategy to maximize market penetration. The main product is an IoT end-to-end solution composed of platform and probe. SWAM will offer different tailored versions of its platform to suit better the needs of different target clients, e.g. water suppliers, utilities, water intensive agriculture. Other revenues may come from derived concepts: software use licenses, probes sales or rental, or services provision.

Website: https://www.eurostars-eureka.eu/node/555013